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After suffering the devastating effects of severe hair loss and damage related to the mishandling of her hair, Eddie began to research ways to grow her hair healthy and strong. She purchased every product in the beauty supply store that claimed to be a miracle cure for damaged hair, but found that these products did not live up to their claims. Along her journey to healthy hair she discovered priceless information that helped her to grow her hair back longer, stronger and healthier than ever!
She has compiled her 12 years of research and produced the Comprehensive Guide To Growing African American Hair To Its Fullest Potential. The guide includes everything one would need in order to grow and maintain healthy hair. The book is extremely informational, entertaining as well as easy to follow and understand. There is a chart included in the book which reveals the hair-friendly foods, vitamins and minerals, a glossary of ingredients that you should stay away from, as well as a section of homemade deep conditioning recipes. The back cover documents 18 months of hair growth, which is quite impressive.The information Eddie discovered during her research was found to be invaluable, but it did not solve the problem of finding healthy hair care products at reasonable prices.
Although Eddie stopped searching in the beauty supply stores and began to use products from the health food store, she quickly realized that although the products were healthier, they still were not geared towards African Americans and they were really expensive, but didn't leave her hair as soft and moisturized as she wanted it. This led her to formulate a comprehensive hair care system.For years she created homemade concoctions that contained ingredients essential for the health of African American hair. Her products are made with the finest African butters, herbs, and oils and are formulated to leave the hair and scalp nourished, moisturized, and healthy. While using these products in conjunction with the information in her book, Eddie consistently saw tremendous improvements with her hair, including managing her very thick natural hair. She then began to make the concoction for family and friends along with providing them with a copy of her book. They too began to reach hair goals never before achieved. In November 2007, Eddie decided to market her natural hair care line along with her guide and has found much success.


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