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Choosing A Moisturizer


There are literally thousands of products to choose from when looking for good hair care products. Moisturizers are one of the most sought after products for Black hair care.  Both natural and relaxed hair can become excessively dry for many different reasons; one of which is the ingredients in the “moisturizer”. Many products contain chemicals such as mineral oil, paraffin or petrolatum that can actually dry the hair out, clog the pores, thin the hair, and cause breakage. These ingredients are very inexpensive to use, so these products can manufactured for a fraction of the cost of natural moisturizers. 

Many hair care product companies want you to believe that one moisturizer fits all. At Sweet Nature by Eddie, we believe that certain hair types can benefit more from certain moisturizers, although there are definitely exceptions to the rules, especially when trying different styles, these are some of the ways I’ve discovered are the best  uses for them:

Wisdom Heavy Cream Moisturizer: Wisdom is made of heavier, thicker butters like Shea-butter, mango butter, and cocoa butter. This is excellent for type 4 hair; coarser and thicker. It’s great for braiding, twisting or coiling this hair type as it has a very slight hold that will also leave the hair soft. It’s also excellent for all hair types when smoothing the hair down when making an afro puff. The best way to do this is to wet the perimeter of the hair, apply the Wisdom generously and tie the hair down with a satin scarf until it dries. Don’t forget, Wisdom is also great for softening dry, rough skin.

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Dream Cream Moisturizer:  If I had to recommend a universal moisturizer, Dream would be it. Dream is excellent for all hair types, depending on the style. This moisturizer is creamier and has a significant amount of water based ingredients, which allows for great hydration.  Dream is rich, so a little goes a long way. It’s great for relaxed hair (type 1) as it generally won’t weigh the hair down.  It’s also great for wavy type hair textures (type 2) to tame it.  In my opinion, type 3 hair benefits most from Dream because it will leave curly hair defined, yet soft and touchable.  My type 4 afro puff loves Dream because my puffs are extra thirsty after facing the extreme heat (I do not wear puffs in the winter time).

Journey Hair Milk: Journey is the lightest of the moisturizers. It works really well on relaxed hair (type 1 hair), as it will hydrate wrapped hair, but still allow it to be bouncy and touchable. Many types 2-3 also enjoy the benefits of this moisturizer, especially those with fine waves and curls. I personally do not use this on my type 4 hair, but some people do.

Growth Daily Moisturizer: This is a multi-purpose moisturizing spray. Growth is an excellent braid spray; spraying a small amount daily will keep the hair hydrated, especially with synthetic braids. It’s also excellent for basing the hair before applying a heavier or creamy moisturizer or just to wake up the scalp. My personal favorite use for Growth is to spray on my daughter’s hair right before detangling it; it makes the process much easier and leaves her hair soft.  Growth is wonderful in stimulating blood flow and providing needed vitamins to the follicles. This is NOT a sheen, so it isn’t meant for dry relaxed hair, but is great for using on wet relaxed.

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