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Braid Kit


  • Product Code: BRA117

If taken care of correctly, braid extensions can help grow hair FAST! Braid extensions helps to minimize manipulation of the hair, helps retain length, eliminates heat useage, as well as protects the hair against many elements that cause damage. This kit contains products that are excellent for keeping the scalp healthy, follicles stimulated, and the hair hydrated while in braids, twists, or sew-in weaves. Using this kit will help to minimize shedding and dryness leaving you with more hair that's soft, strong and managable. Please indicate in the comment box if you want the Keratin Leave-In Conditioner or the Love Deep Conditioner. (You will receive the Keratin if nothing is indicated)

  • 8 oz Inspiration Shampoo
  • 8 oz Love Deep Conditioner OR Keratin Leave In Condtioner
  • 8 oz Growth Moisturizing Spray
  • 4 oz Spirit Follicle Stimulator
  • 1 Article "Using Braid Extensions to Grow Your  Hair"
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